Ultimate Life Formula
You really CAN have your ULTIMATE life. I know you’ve heard that before, so why is this different?

Instead of wishing and guessing, here are three questions
to start: 
  • Are you EXPERIENCING the love, laughter and lifestyle you want?  
  • Is your work CREATING THE CASH you want – without working you to death? 
  • Are you SERVING OTHERS in a big way that is FULFILLING at the same time? 
Achieve Your Ultimate Life Now:
As you answer those questions, some other things might come to mind. Maybe you’ve noticed people around you having success and wondered what’s missing for you.

Maybe you KNOW you could “have it all” if you just had the right opportunity and guidance. Perhaps, worst of all, you’re just tired of trying so hard and still feeling left out.

Being stuck is no fun. I use the metaphor “Locked In a Cage”:
It feels like you’re locked behind steel bars or barriers.

You can see what you want, but just can’t get it.
How frustrating is that? 
I’ve been in that “stuck place” more years than I care to remember. If that’s how YOU feel, then I have something for you.

Talking to you in person right this minute isn’t possible, so I made a video to give you the keys to a life of Freedom, Prosperity and Joy.

By FREEDOM, I mean living life on your own terms, free from fear and worry and using your gifts to serve at the highest level.

By PROSPERITY, I mean using your skills and talents to create the cash and abundance you want.

By JOY, I mean the pure excitement of a life lived with purpose, full of helping others and with each day overflowing with gratitude and love.

That vision is possible. The path is real, but it is not for everyone.

There are people so addicted to mediocrity, they’d rather live locked in the cage:
You can tell by the language you hear and behavior you see.

Here’s what I mean. Those who live in the CAGE:

COMPARE: always checking what others think, what they’re doing and what they have. The comparisons are usually negative, and that brings envy, anger or sadness because those they see seem to have – MORE. Then, they...

ABANDON. After coming off poorly in comparisons, they give up on their desires and dreams. Next, they...

GRUMBLE. Deciding everything’s beyond their reach, they complain about how unfair life is. Finally, they...

EXCUSE. There’s always a reason why it’s not their fault, and someone or something “out there” is the culprit. They explain how it wasn’t meant to be or all the breaks in life went against them.
That’s REALLY being locked in a cage.
But if YOU are someone who is creating success NOW but working yourself to death to keep it together and wondering if you can keep it up...

Or, you’ve CREATED success, but now you want to raise the bar and find out what’s really possible.
Or, you created big SUCCESS, but got your life out of balance in the process. Maybe you’ve ruined relationships. Maybe you’ve damaged your health.

Maybe you felt like that big payday you reached wasn’t all that fulfilling, so you got bored and wrecked the whole thing; just to build another one and repeat the process.

If one of those three categories sounds familiar, then THIS IS for you.
I’m Kellan Fluckiger. I’ve experienced all those situations, especially the one where you create success, get disillusioned and then burn it down. I was a high-functioning depressive for decades and I was going crazy.

After years of stumbling around, I finally created a path to that fabled FREEDOM, PROSPERITY and JOY. Today, I am so grateful AND anxious to share.
You might wonder why I want to give this away. The philosopher CS Lewis made a funny but tragic observation about what seems to make us happy.

He said, “happiness comes not so much from having a thing, but in having more of it than the next person.”
I don’t believe that. There is more than enough for everyone. As a coach, my mission and joy is “helping others DO things they don’t BELIEVE they can do.”

My gift to you is a three-part video series to show you a path you can walk to get to your dream.
The first video shares FIVE foundation pillars for the ultimate life. What they are, what they mean and why they matter.

The second video is how to “Break the Cage.” How to turn COMPARE, ABANDON, GRUMBLE and EXCUSE into CREATE, ACHIEVE, GROW and ENJOY.

Discover 3 lethal traps that keep us locked up and stuck where we are. More importantly, I’ll show you how to break that cage and get to freedom.

The third video is the five steps. Five steps to what? Five steps to your life of FREEDOM, PROSPERITY and JOY. I’ll give you the steps and show you how to use them.

The videos are yours with no catch and no fine print. Sign up with your name and email so I can give them to you and send you other valuable things to help you create “THE ULTIMATE LIFE.”

My greatest love is helping people win and win big – and that INCLUDES you. I love creating success – not just for me, but for everyone I meet.
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